Animal Shelter Volunteer Management

Want to learn some of the ASPCA's best practices around volunteer management? This presentation covers how to handle volunteer applications, screening, and orientations, how to develop volunteer opportunities in an animal shelter environment, and how to keep volunteers, animals and your organization safe and happy. Find out how to listen and better communicate with volunteers as well as the steps needed to handle difficult volunteers in the animal shelter.

Presented by Laura Frank

About Laura Frank: 

Laura Frank joined the ASPCA as the Director of Volunteer Programs in July 2012. In her role at the ASPCA, Laura brings her experience working with volunteers and her passion for animals to the Adoption Center, which now boasts over 800 regular volunteers. Frank came to the ASPCA from the Central Park Conservancy where she worked for over 13 years, including five years during which she managed the Conservancy's Volunteer Department. During her tenure there, the program tripled in size to about 800 active volunteers. Frank's past work also included trustee relations, website development, and business planning. Prior to the Conservancy, she did product development, was responsible for real-time data integrity, and business development, and was responsible for real-time data integrity.

Establish a Lifesaving Foundation, Budget and Staff Allocation Aligns with Goals, People Management, volunteer management

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