Ask the Expert: Keeping Tenants & Their Pets Together

Recorded On: 12/21/2023

Learn about the three most important things you can ask and do to help a person with a pet who is facing housing insecurity or unable to find housing because of their pet. Attendees will 

 - learn the basic eviction process

 - leave with concrete steps to help a person remain housed with their pet

 - debunk myths that either scare people into surrendering their pets because of housing insecurity or prevent people from fostering or adopting a pet

Speaker: Dianne Prado, Founder & President, Housing Equity & Advocacy Resource Team (HEART L.A)

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Dianne Prado

Founder & President

Housing Equity & Advocacy Resource Team

Dianne Prado is the Founder and President of Housing Equity & Advocacy Resource Team, also known as HEART LA. HEART LA is a legal non-profit that helps ensure people and their pets remain housed. Dianne is also an appointed public member of the California Veterinary Medical Board, a trainer and consultant for the Stay Housed Los Angeles Eviction Defense Program, and Lecturer in Law for UCLA Law School, teaching Los Angeles Housing Law and Policy.

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