Fundraising for Animal Welfare Organizations

Recorded On: 03/21/2019

This seminar is for executive directors/CEOs, board members and staff/volunteers who play a key role in fundraising for your organization. It is suitable for organizations of any size. While it's beneficial to have some prior knowledge of fundraising, the presentation is appropriate for quick-learning beginners as well as seasoned fundraisers who are eager to learn how to engage others in fundraising.

You will learn:
What a systematic and disciplined fundraising program looks like.

Why building a broad base of donors is the best method of fundraising, and how it can easily be integrated with community awareness and mobilizing volunteers.

How to encourage and train your board and other volunteers to raise money.

How to build or expand a base of individual donors, including how to create a clear and compelling case, identify prospective donors, ask for money in person, and build a team of people willing to ask.

This presentation was made possible by the generosity of the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation and Maddie's Fund®.

Presenter: Kim Klein

Establish a Lifesaving Foundation, data, metrics, grant making, fundraising, leadership, community outreach, organizational management, grants, donor relations, leadership, grant makers, funders, grant requirements

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