HASS: ‘Tis the Season to Fundraise: How to Build Your Village of Support

Recorded On: 09/13/2021

End of year fundraising is beginning very soon, if it hasn’t already! As your organization gears up to add more kibble to the bag, so you can support more people and pets, get your whole crew on board with your mission. By building a culture of philanthropy, every employee and volunteer has the power to help maximize your Philanthropy. In this webinar, presented my members of the HASS Philanthropy working group, you’ll learn how to build a culture of ambassadors within your organization that will help expand your mission and the work you’ll be able to do in the coming year! Watch this webinar with Brian Daugherty, Chief Philanthropy and Communications Officer for San Diego Humane Society; Ashlee Droscher, Director of Development for the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria; Pam Hogan, Resource Development Coordinator for Riverside County Animal Services; and Stephanie Wells, Director of Development for Michelson Found Animals Foundation.

Presenter(s): Brian Daugherty, Ashlee Droscher, Pam Hogan, and Stephanie Wells

keywords: HASS, fundraising, giving, philanthropy, development, organizational culture, money, budget, HASSwebinar

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