How To Turn Orphan Kittens into Senior Cats

Diarrhea in orphaned shelter kittens can be extremely difficult to manage, but recent studies point to successful new treatments. Drs. Jody Gookin and Sandra Strong provide information for veterinarians and medical support staff on survival statistics and novel treatments for orphan kitten diarrhea. The information is based on a recently published study evaluating significant associations between treatment interventions and survival of orphan shelter kittens with diarrhea. The study was performed in an open intake municipal animal shelter.

Participants will gain knowledge of evidence-based treatment strategies associated with live outcomes of orphan kittens that develop diarrhea.

Topics covered:

Shelter challenges with orphan kittens

Current treatment modalities for kitten diarrhea and evidence-based treatment options

Clinical discussion of study results

New frontiers and unanswered questions

Kitten micronutrients and the microbiome effects on immunity and health.

Presenters: Drs. Jody Gookin and Sandra Strong

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