Transport as a Tool for Transformation

Transport as a Tool for Transformation

Historically, transport programs have largely been controlled by the receiving organization. The destination partner primarily selected animals they knew could easily be adopted out. They set the rules, and ended partnerships for what they deemed were infractions. Sending shelters, desperate to find live outcomes, scrambled to meet receiving shelters' demands. 

Increasingly, however, partnerships between sending and receiving organizations are collaborative, designed to create true transformation at the sending shelter. Receiving shelters offer support and take a variety of pets. Sending shelters take a local-first approach, starting and expanding programs that engage their communities for sustainable change. 

In this course both sending and receiving shelters will learn to collaborate effectively and efficiently to transport pets and increase live outcomes. This course was authored by Clare Callison, Director of National Operations for American Pets Alive!.

keywords: HASS, Human Animal Support, transportation, supply, demand


Transport as a Tool for Transformation
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Begin self-paced component package.
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1.50 credits  |  Certificate available
1.50 credits  |  Certificate available Transport as a Tool for Transformation